Antonio Gates has seen his effectiveness drop considerably in the last couple years, with the future Hall of Famer registering his worst career-season with the L.A. Chargers in 2017.

Gates, who was cut in the offseason, has been rumored to return to Los Angeles in the wake of tight end Hunter Henry injuring his knee. If it was up to Tony Gonzalez, Gates should just retire.

“I’d probably be done,” Gonzalez told TMZ Sports.  

“I probably [would hang them up], but that’s me,” Tony says.

Gonzalez isn’t saying Gates is done but admits if he was in his shoes he’d consider himself finished in the NFL. It’s a fair assessment for someone who’s had a similarly amazing career at the tight end position.

Gates registered just 30 catches, 316 yards and three touchdowns in 2017. He’s clearly well past his prime. Unless he wants to chase a ring with the Super Bowl contending Rams (which would make sense) he’s probably best to sit and transition into his post-football playing career.


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