Enes Kanter is happy to play the troll.

Kanter, whose Twitter account is fantastic, purely for his ability to troll fellow NBAers, talked about his trolling skills. The New York Knicks center told ESPN’s Royce Young he’s happy to play the troll and that his antics even entertain fellow players.

“Actually they love it,” Kanter said. “They’ll come up and say, ‘We love your Twitter game. Just keep trolling, keep doing what you do.’ But I think it’s just fun. You do stuff like that, the league hates it, I guess, but the fans love it. It’s the fun part of the game.”

Embrace your inner troll, Enes.

Kanter is one of the most likable players in the NBA and the fact he’s willing to have some fun on Twitter makes him that much cooler. His trolls are mostly harmless and very funny, so I can’t imagine the Knicks mind. Fellow players seem to dig it.

Kanter might not be an NBA legend on the court, but on Twitter, there’s few better.


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