Lance Stephenson is now a teammate of LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers – a development which caught many by surprise, considering the two players past.

Famously, in a playoff series between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat, Stephenson blew into the ear of James in an effort to throw him off his game. It didn’t work, as Stephenson recently explained to theScore.

“I was really trying to get him mad, really trying to win the game, get him unfocused,” Lance said. “And I was trying anything, and for you to do something to somebody and they don’t respond, they keep continuing playing hard, it’s like: ‘yo, how do I…’ I was just trying to find stuff.”

Stephenson further admitted in the interview he doesn’t regret the massively meme’d moment but does question why he did it.

So there you have it. Stephenson tried to agitate LeBron and failed miserably (in this case). Now, they’re teammates. It’s funny how things can work out.


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