The Legends Football League – formerly known as the Lingerie Football League – is still a thing and it’s in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

On it’s official YouTube page, the LFL put up a clip of Chicago Bliss head coach Keith Hac berating an opposing player for Omaha with expletives. It’s very NSFW.

Apparently, Hac is known for this kind of stuff, but even for a league that promotes lingerie-wearing players, it’s strange to see them post this at all. In no situation or context is it right for a coach of any team to call a woman a bitch and swear at them like that. It shows Hac has a complete disrespect for women and shouldn’t be behind the bench of any team.

But, hey, this is probably what the LFL wants. We’re talking about a league which is perplexing in its own existence. Posting this clip and promoting it shows they only care about making profits, even at the expense of the league’s image – which is already low.

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