Shaunie O’Neal scared off two potential home invaders after catching them on-camera and asking them “what are you doing?”

O’Neal, the ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal, posted a video on Instagram of some bonehead robbers trying to break-in to her place. Thankfully, Shaunie had Ring security cameras (Shaq’s a partner with the company) and calmly told the men to “smile bitch!”


“What are you doing?” Shaunie said calmly … “You’re on camera. Smile bitch!”

“Listen did y’all forget @Shaq is partners with @ring and made sure the kids and I had cameras everywhere.”

Shaunie calmly shut down the robbers, got one of them on camera and told them to smile. That’s badass. Plus it’s a great advertisement for the Ring service, although, I doubt this was in any way set up intentionally.

Next time these bozo’s want to break into a house (which is dumb) perhaps, they shouldn’t break into one with such a dynamic security system. Let’s hope these guys are apprehended and face some sort of trouble for trying to break-in to Shaunie’s home – even if it did produce some entertaining footage.


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