On Monday, the Houston Rockets made it official signing former All-Star Carmelo Anthony to a one-year deal – a move, GM Daryl Morey has been working on for years.

Morey posted concept art by Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld done back in 2014 when the Rockets were trying to create a superteam featuring Anthony, James Harden, and Dwight Howard. Morey connected with Liefeld, his “favorite penciller” and created this pitch piece.

Although, I’m concerned about the lack of Liefeld’s trademark pouches in the drawing. I kid, I kid. It’s neat.

Melo is known as an art-connoisseur from his time in New York, so, perhaps, the commission was a good idea. Regardless, it didn’t work as Melo opted to sign an extension in New York – which actually benefited the Rockets in hindsight. I’m not sure a core of Harden, Melo, and Howard would have worked at all, even in 2014.

It’s neat to see the effort Morey put into recruiting Melo. He had him in mind for a while, and it must have been cool for him to collaborate with his favorite penciller to attempt to lure him to Houston. In the end, it all worked out.


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