Jimmy Butler doesn’t give a heck.

Butler seems to be tired of dealing with his younger, still-learning teammates and doesn’t seem to happy with the T-Wolves. The Minnesota Timberwolves star, who reportedly has “no intentions of signing an extension with Minnesota, all but fed up with the nonchalant attitude of his younger teammates, specifically Karl-Anthony Towns.”

Butler further fueled the potential beef on Instagram Monday, where he posted a photo with a caption about being a leader (read below) which certainly seems to be aimed towards his younger teammates. When a fan challenged him about Towns and Wiggins, Butler responded by saying “Imma grown ass man. you show them since you have the answers.

The NBA offseason is so great. Butler is being incredibly dramatic but it’s also refreshing he simply doesn’t give a crap about keeping his issues private.

Butler is a free agent (he’s got a team-option) at the end of next season. Unless Minnesota can convince him to re-sign (unlikely) or win a Championship (super unlikely) it looks like he’s already checked out. It’s not great news for T-Wolves fans.

It will be interesting to see how his issues with Wiggins and Towns further percolate. Who doesn’t love a good feud?

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