Blake Griffin is now on the hook for huge child support payments after a judge ordered the Detroit Pistons star to pay his ex Brynn Cameron $258,000 a month. obtained court documents showing the massive amount.

Kendall Jenner‘s ex Blake Griffin. has to fork up $258,000 per month in support for his two young children with baby mama Brynn Cameron, according to court documents obtained exclusively by

Griffin and Cameron have been embroiled in a nasty paternity case and a separate civil suit where Cameron claimed the NBA star broke off their engagement shortly after he started dating Jenner, when he was still part of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Why so much? Griffin earned a reported $2.2 million per month in 2016. Since he makes so much and has multiple kids with Cameron – who also has a kid with Matt Leinart – he’s on the hook for massive child support payments. It might seem ridiculously high, but it dwarfs his massive salary. Blake can afford it.

In total, Cameron will receive more than $3 million per year from Griffin. To put that in perspective, that amount is more than the NBA minimum contract. Her support payments outearn Isaiah Thomas, Manu Ginobili, and Dario Saric. Cameron, a former NCAA basketball player herself,  should have more than enough financial support from Griffin going forward.

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