One of the best moments of Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch’s college career at the University of California at Berkeley is when he decided to ride an injury cart on the field after scoring a game-winning touchdown against Washington.

Lynch discussed the drive with Matt Barnes on the Uninterrupted series, Same Energy.

In true Lynch fashion, he described the joy ride with plenty of swear words, saying the incident “was meant to happen.”

“They just remember when I bounced in the golf cart. And the first thing I do, I look to the left, look to the right, oh it’s a cart, an injury cart. I grab that motherfucker. The keys was in there. It was meant to happen.”

“The keys was in there, it was facing in the direction I needed to go,” Lynch said. “So I slid in that thing, started yoking that motherfucker.”

Marshawn Lynch is an absolute gem. Riding the cart was an incredible celebration for an incredible moment. “Yoking that motherfucker,” as Lynch eloquently put it was meant to be. We’re all richer because of it.


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