Usually, when NFL players are mad at the folks at Madden, it’s because of their video game stats not matching how they perceive themselves. But in the case of Dallas Cowboys defensive end Tyrone Crawford, he’s mad at Madden because of his physical appearance.

Crawford took to Twitter to blast Madden for making his body, and I quote, “look like humpty-dumpty.” He demanded a review.

Crawford, who’s listed at 6’4″, 290 pounds, has a right to be upset. I mean, he looks pretty cut.

At the very least, he’s certainly not as big as Madden made him out to be.

In this rare case, Crawford’s cries to get Madden to change his appearance are warranted. He’s a big dude, but he’s not that big. It should be a simple enough change for the folks over at Electronic Arts.


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