Wrestler Bronson Harmon’s scholarship was pulled after a video made the rounds on social media of the 18-year-old Cal Poly commit using a homophobic slur at a counter-protest of the Families Belong Together March.

Bronson protested the rally on June 30, who themselves were protesting immigration policies of the Trump administration. Holding a Donald Trump campaign sign, Harmon flipped the bird said “f**k you f****t,” to people filming him.

It’s an ugly look. Cal Poly thought so too, as they revoked their wrestling scholarship offered to Harmon. Harmon apologized for the incident telling the San Luis Obispo Tribune he regretted using the slur and “I got caught up in the heat of the moment.”

People like Harmon have the right to protest or support whoever they want. However, when their ideology becomes hateful bigotry and racist, or offensive speech is used, it crosses the line majorly. This wasn’t a peaceful protest. Harmon went too far and made himself, and fellow counter-protestors look bad. He deserved to lose his scholarship.

Maybe, next time Harmon will think before he decides to spew such hatred.


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