A Cobb County man will spend 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempting to have his ex-wife killed in exchange for $10,000, and a pair of tickets to see the Atlanta Hawks.

Michael Lawrence Dane McEarchern was sentenced to 10 years in prison this week after attempting one of the most bizarre murder-for-hire plots ever. McEarchern was caught attempting to hire a hitman (while in prison for drug charges) to kill his ex-wife Smyrna. Unfortunately for his plans, FBI agents were tipped off and after providing details to an undercover agent posing as an assassin, he was arrested. You can read more details in Ben Brasch of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s report.

An attempted murder isn’t funny, but the reward of Atlanta Hawks tickets is such a bizarre detail. Would an assassin take the job because $10,000 AND Hawks tickets would seal the deal? Isn’t the job of an assassin to be as discrete as possible? What the hell.

The Hawks tickets did entice one client: The FBI. McEarchern didn’t think his idiotic and illegal plan through enough and now will spend 10 years in bars because of it.


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