It’s about time we stop talking about LaVar Ball.

The Big Baller Brand CEO, founder of the Junior Basketball Association and father to Lakers guard Lonzo, as well as LiAngelo and LaMelo, has used his time in the limelight to promote his sons, monetize them, and make some of the most ridiculous claims ever made. Ball’s increasingly outlandish comments still grace the pages of ESPN, Bleacher Report, and even CNN.

LaVar, the man who averaged 2.2 points in 26 games with Washington State back in 1987, spewed nonsense including comments in his prime he could beat Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant one-on-one. Most recently, Ball claimed he could have taken on LeBron James because the NBA MVP is “too weak,” and his “will to win was too hard.”

Let’s put that in perspective. A man who could barely get off the bench in his only season at Washington State back in the late 80’s thinks he could beat perhaps the best basketball player ever – and dares to claim James, his son’s new teammate is “too weak,” – one-on-one. Come the flip on.

LaVar is a master at potentially ruining his son’s relationship with James because. Remember, last year Ball spouted nonsense about LeBron’s kids leading to the NBA MVP to publicly call him out. The ridiculous comments never stop, even at the hindrance of Lonzo (and his other two son’s) pro careers.

Ball has done an impressive job building his son’s up, getting their name in the news cycle and helping them become the athletes they are today. He should also be commended for his work with the JBA (even if no one is showing up) and his efforts to give those taken advantage of by the NCAA a real chance to earn money. But, everything Ball does is so self-serving that even when he does something right, it’s impossible not to question it in terms of his own interests.

Ball’s big mouth and chase for money pretty much instantly negates any positive thing he does. He is outlandish, ridiculous and hyperbolic to the point where nothing he says should ever be taken seriously. He can’t beat Kobe, Jordan or LeBron, all of his sons will never play for the Lakers together and his business ventures, such as the Big Baller Brand and the JBA, won’t last forever. Ball is tiring, and his once infectious energy has become draining.

In 2018, Ball shouldn’t be dominating news coverage from major sports networks for his intense lying. Admittedly, we’re guilty of covering him too much. But, it’s time to stop. Nothing LaVar Ball says at the moment holds any value. There’s no reason to care about what he’s doing or to buy into any of his businesses.

Ball needs to check himself. Stat. Until he does something noteworthy that isn’t just talk, it’s time to stop talking about him and move onto something with substance.

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