Miles Bridges isn’t afraid to go for it.

The Charlotte Hornets rookie faced off against the Toronto Raptors in NBA Summer League action, where the former Michigan State forward and the 12th overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft showed off his tantalizing dunking skill.

In an incredible sequence, Bridges spun between multiple Raptors defenders, tossed the ball off the backboard and almost finished an incredible Blake Griffin-esque dunk.

Imagine if he would have finished it? The dunk could have ended up being the dunk of the year and it’s only Summer League.

Despite not finishing the dunk, you’ve got to commend Bridges for attempting the move to begin with. Seeing him juke through multiple defenders, throw the ball off the backboard and nearly finish is outstanding. It’s the type of excitement from a player an organization like the Charlotte Hornets need.

Bridges is a rookie, but when it comes to dunking he might be an All-Star – even if he didn’t land it here.

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