ESPN analyst and former NBA All-Star Jalen Rose is firmly in the camp believing Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball is openly tanking his trade value to stick with the team.

Rose discussed the subject on ESPN’s ‘Get on Up’ where he brought up multiple reasons how Ball has tanked his trade value. Among the reasons, Ball releasing a diss track against a teammate and recent reports about issues with a torn meniscus. Plus, the dude just wants to be in L.A.

“This is obvious. Think about it – the kid grew up in California. All he ever wanted to do is be a Los Angeles Laker. His father wished it into existence.

…. His father said he was going to be the greatest point guard of all time, and guess what Magic Johnson said? ‘I want your number hanging in the rafters. He doesn’t want to leave there.”

Ball was promised the sun and the moon by Johnson and it would be unsurprising if he leaked reports about his injury and made a diss track about his own teammate in order to crater his trade value. Although, his dad LaVar helped him enough with that.

Los Angeles brought in LeBron James, Rajon Rondo (who wants to start) and Lance Stephenson – three players who like the ball in their hands. Adding Lonzo to the mix just confuses things. Of course, the Lakers explored a trade. It remains to be seen whether Lonzo’s tactics in tanking one will work, however.

At the very least, Jalen’s onto something.

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