Joel Embiid’s got a simple pitch to free agent LeBron James and it should not surprise anyone: “Trust the process.”

The Philadelphia 76ers superstar talked with USA TODAY Sports and when asked what his pitch would be for the longtime MVP, Embiid responded with his catchphrase originated from the Sam Hinkie-era.

“Trust the process,” Embiid said.

“The process worked out pretty well, we got 50 wins last year, we got a lot of talented players on the team,” Embiid told USA TODAY Sports ahead of last week’s NBA draft. “We feel like adding another piece of his caliber is going to help us.”

Embiid’s trusting of the process, as mentioned above, led the 76ers into uncharted territory in recent years. After years with horrid records, the full-on tank worked. Philadelphia is a bonafide contender with multiple young superstars who haven’t touched their potential.

LeBron joining the 76ers would give them a scary core. Imagine a starting lineup with Embiid, LeBron, Dario Saric, Ben Simmons and Robert Covington. The rest of the NBA would have no answer to beating them on either side of the ball.

Honestly, I’d love to see LeBron “Trust the process.” Teaming up with Embiid and bringing the 76ers a Championship would be entertaining as heck.

[USA TODAY Sports]

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