Ninja is without question the most famous eSports personality in the world, thanks to his incredible Fortnite skills. The dude has helped usher-in Fortnite’s popularity and dispels the notion only nerds play games, at least in one particular way.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Ninja, who’s married, said being a pro gamer has the same benefits with women/men as it would as an NBA player.

“I think that if they want to, [pro gamers] can have relationships, find relationships from their popularity just like professional basketball players can go out and if he’s not married … probably find someone.”

Considering how famous some streamers and eSports athletes are, it’s not a shocking admission whatsoever.

Top eSports players are pulling in millions of dollars and are becoming better known every single day. Getting “relationships,” as Ninja calls it, is a perk of making a lot of money and being extremely famous.

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