Back in February, retired All-Pro offensive tackle Branden Albert was arrested after having an angry outburst while shopping in a jewelry store, resulting in him being tasered and arrested. Albert seemed destined for some jail time, but thanks to an agreement with the courts, he likely won’t spend time behind bars.

**Volume warning**

Per TMZ, the former Miami Dolphin was accepted into Georgia’s Pretrial Intervention Program which means if he sticks to the program’s guidelines – performing community service, paying the jeweler back for what he broke and complete a mental health evaluation among other things, he’ll get the charges expunged from his record. If he doesn’t oblige, he’ll face up to 10 years in prison.

Honestly, the program seems like a great idea for Albert. It will allow him to repent for what he did and means he won’t walk away with a criminal record if he stays on the straight and narrow. If he screws up and violates the agreement, he’ll face jail time. It’s completely fair.


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