Some very dumb people, for whatever reason, still think it’s a great idea to storm the field during a live sporting event and try to dodge security. For one Red Sox fan, his sudden decision left him getting absolutely destroyed.

This dude in a Jonathan Papelbon jersey got onto the field and ran for a little bit thinking he was in the clear. However, Red Sox security had other ideas, blindsiding him and tackling him about as hard as I’ve seen in these types of incidents.

Honestly, it’s refreshing to see this idiot get what he deserves. It might seem funny (and sometimes it is) to see someone run from the stands onto the field, but ultimately, it disrupts the game and makes you look like a huge, attention-seeking jackass.

I’d bet this dude is going to have second regrets about running onto the field. Unless he wants to get smoked again.

[For The Win]

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