Pete Carroll is firmly in the camp of saying a lot of words without saying practically anything. Case and point, the Seattle Seahawks head coach released a letter called “A New Empathy,” which is hard to explain as it’s nonsensical.

I don’t want to decipher whatever the hell Carroll is going on about, but basically, he’s suggesting committing more to being empathetic and listening to others. Of course, it’s not that simple, as his message is wrapped around by 20 layers of bullshit.

Carroll has gone full Jordan Peterson. He’s releasing this statement undoubtedly thinking he has some deep, philosophical thoughts and something important to say when in reality he could have said what he wanted in about two sentences opposed to eight plus paragraphs.

Furthermore, taking Carroll seriously on anything is next to impossible. This is the dude who peddled 9/11 conspiracies.

Take Carroll’s words however you want. If his positivity is something you enjoy and want to promote, so be it. Just know that it’s coming from a guy who is incredibly self-indulgent and fully galaxy brained.


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