Golden State guard Nick Young aka Swaggy P and Warriors center JaVale McGee were bumping Usher on the team’s private plane after beating the Houston Rockets in seven games. Surprisingly, the gesture might have been a diss.

Per TMZ, a likely very drunk Warriors team filmed each other singing along to Usher songs including “Burn” and “Nice and Slow.” So, what’s the big deal? Well, Usher just so happens to be a minority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s probably just a coincidence, but Golden State let it be known they’re not afraid to sing along to their rivals most famous owner.

I don’t think any relevant music artists are minority owners of the Warriors, so I don’t have great advice for the Cavs to counter move here. Although, if I was them, I’d just play the clip of LeBron blocking Andre Igudola on repeat until the end of time. That should motivate them no problemo.


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