Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is in negotiations to suit up as the main baddy in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. The 37-year-old is set to play Marvel illusionist villain Mysterio, a Steve Ditko creation, and boy, that’s got us excited.

1) Holy crap, Mysterio is going to be a villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

You’ve got to commend the folks at Marvel for thinking more outside the box than their former counterparts in terms of villain choice. Instead of getting the Green Goblin a third time, the news Gyllenhaal is in negotiations to play Mysterio is fantastic for those wanting to see the Spider-Man sandbox grow in the MCU.

Mysterio (Quentin Beck, depending on the version) is a special-effects wizard who turns on society after a failed career as an actor. Basically, Beck becomes a supervillain because he realizes his talents as an illusionist could make him a menacing supervillain. He’s got a big orb on his head and is the ultimate trickster.

The Homecoming universe has already introduced The Tinkerer, The Vulture, two versions of the Shocker, and Scorpion. Adding Mysterio sets up a potential Sinister Six with a group of unique Spidey villains. I can dig it.

2) Gyllenhaal will continue the trend of A-list actors playing Spider-Man villains.

When it was first announced Michael Keaton would be playing the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, there was palpable excitement. Getting an A-list actor to appear as an antagonist to Spider-Man made for the perfect foil, as Keaton’s acting chops beefed up what would be a standard villain otherwise. Plus, it was a great way to usher in a villain who hadn’t been done on the big screen.

Gyllenhaal playing Mysterio would be tremendous, as, like Keaton’s Vulture, he would bring gravitas to a role which otherwise could be silly. In theory, Mysterio doesn’t exactly lend himself well to the big screen, but with Gyllenhaal taking on the role, there’s no question the character can.

3) It might actually affect the DC Universe in a positive way.

With Ben Affleck’s role as Batman up in the air, Gyllenhaal’s name was among those being considered to replace him in the upcoming Matt Reeves Batman solo film. Despite Gyllenhaal outright dismissing the fact he’d play Batman, the rumor has been prevalent since Affleck became bullish on donning the mantle. With Gyllenhaal potentially playing Mysterio, it could mean Affleck might not be as luke-warm on returning to the DCU. It’s a stretch to assume, but for a universe desperate for consistency, that’d be tremendous news.

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