Hue Jackson is making good on his statement where he said that he would jump in the lake (meaning Lake Erie) if the Cleveland Browns were worse than their 1-15 record in 2016. Fast forward to 2017 and the Browns didn’t win a game. Many weren’t sure if Jackson would pay up and it now looks like he is coming through. They come with a few stipulations and it somehow diminishes the bet.

He has turned the event into a charitable event (a good thing!) and is trying to raise $15,000 while jumping in the lake. The Hue Jackson Foundation fights human trafficking and is a worthy cause. The problem with the event and the way it is going down? It is a private event involving the Browns and the money will be raised internally by the organization.

First off, Jackson is now jumping in the lake when it is a more manageable time of the year. Going into a lake that many go into anyway isn’t a punishment. In fact, it is insulting to residents of Northern Ohio that swim in it. Add to it that fans won’t be in attendance, where is the catharsis? The Browns haven’t had a lot go their way and neither has Jackson, why not make this a more open event? Why not allow others to donate in the name of the jump?

This should be a time to set aside animosity and bring both together as a sign of unity. The Browns and Jackson are keeping fans at an arm’s length. An organization that is trying to re-brand itself is still making mistakes in the public relations world. If they want fans that have left the team to re-join them, mending old wounds would be a great place to start. If that happens and you feel good about the Browns this year, put some money on them on the best NFL betting sites!

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