I will get this out of the way right now. I am a fan of Rick and Morty. I have been watching since the beginning of the second season. I am not someone that recently jumped on and has made a big stink about the fandom. I enjoy the show and enjoy the nihilist angles it takes. Now that Adult Swim has announced a 70 episode renewal, I have to say that it is way too much.

We simply don’t need that many episodes.

They have run through 31 episodes thus far and it feels like they could end it right there. The show doesn’t need a big sign off. It doesn’t need a big platform. It is what it is and that is what makes it great. This will definitely get fans out in droves and will develop new fans but this is where I put my foot in the sand.

The lead character Rick Sanchez is an indifferent, rude scientist that makes most decisions on a whim. It has led to an attitude from fans that it is an okay way to act. Don’t let me pass judgment. If you want to go around declaring the show as “smart” and “over other viewers’ heads” be my guest. It has already vehemently made people hate the show for the arrogant attitude alone.

As a fan, I’ll likely watch every single episode. As a human being, I wish they would end it after one more season. They don’t need to continue this ongoing debate between and non-fans alike. Given the money involved, it won’t happen but the show needs to look in the mirror and stop while the zeitgeist still favors them.

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