Hustle is one of the most important aspects of sports. Those who constantly give it their 100% at all times are often rewarded by their non-stop effort. In Jack Reisinger’s case, his hustle turned into an unfortunate, hilarious faceplant.

In university ball action between Seattle University and Sacramento State, Reisinger cracked a ball and sprinted hard out of the box. However, his trip to first didn’t go as planned as he fell over about 3/4 the way there and landed hard on his face.

A+ for effort, F for the result.

If there’s any silver lining for Reisinger, it’s he likely would have been thrown out at first regardless. So, technically, the faceplant is just extra style points. Although, I’m sure going viral for falling on his face is something Reisinger would love to take back given the chance.


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