If you’re anything like myself, you follow the NBA with a lazy eye. You take in the sights and sounds but don’t get terribly deep into it all. You know the James Harden’s of the world but you aren’t entirely knowledgeable about the depth players. Joe Ingles of the Utah Jazz fits that description. He is also just won the Jazz a playoff game on the back of one of his performances.

He may not be unknown, he did average 11 points per game during the regular season but his game against the Houston Rockets may soon be a legend. After scoring 27 points and stealing home court from the Rockets, it is natural to ask, who the hell is Joe Ingles.

The 30-year-old is an Australian basketball player that has played the past four seasons in the NBA. Originally signed by the Clippers, Ingles was picked up the Jazz after L.A. waived him during his first Summer League. He has seen an increase in points per game each season since joining the league. He is a sharpshooter that opens up the game for the Jazz. With all of that being said, Ingles makes over 11 million a year. Not too shabby for a “depth player.”

For how nondescript the Jazz has been they always have someone stepping up. Ingles is the latest person to make sure that the Jazz won. Rookie and blossoming star Donovan Mitchell may not have dominated during the game but he did have a dunk that left everyone with their jaws collectively dropped. They are a group that continues to confound but ultimately comes out on top.

That is the identity of the Jazz and it is working thus far. They’ll need more players to step up similarly if they hope to take down the Rockets. With how their season has gone thus far, it shouldn’t be out of the question.

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