The last thing you’d expect to find in a sick St. Bernard is a handful of teddy bears, but for one dog owner, it was great news.

The BBC reports an eight-year-old St. Bernard named Maisy was taken to a doctor after her owner feared sickness. After a CT scan, further concerns came up about a possible cancer diagnosis. So, doctor Nick Blackburn operated on the big pup to remove its spleen. What he found was shocking.

Maisy had swallowed four different stuffed animals.

Maisy’s owner Jane Dickson said the toys belonged to her family’s chihuahua.

Here’s Blackburn’s hilarious description of finding the teddies in Maisy’s spleen.

“We all know certain dogs enjoy chewing things they shouldn’t but managing to devour four full teddy bears is quite a feat,” said Mr Blackburn.

And here’s the ultrasound – teddies included.

Thankfully, the teddies were removed and Maisy is doing better than ever. According to her owner, “she is loving life now,” and “it’s like she’s got her youth back.”

Keep on keeping on Maisy. But, keep away from the teddies for the time being, as tough as that might be.

[Photos via BBC and Paragon Vet Refferals]

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