Sometimes it’s best to take out your frustrations on the golf course. But, in Matthew McKay’s case, his personal anger turned into an attempted murder of his best friend.

The Herald Sun reports McKay was sentenced to 20 months in prison after he stabbed his friend with a Wesson knife after a dispute on the golf course.

The Sun further reports McKay went to the green with two friends after getting intoxicated and after his buddies pointed out he was damaging the greens with his woozy play, McKay attacked them the knife. The incident occurred at Broadford Golf Course just outside Melbourne, Australia.

Simon Mudd, the recipient of getting stabbed in the thigh, nearly died after losing nearly three liters of blood. McKay reportedly hit Mudd in an artery. Mudd required a blood transfusion and emergency surgery. He’s currently in critical condition.

As the Sun notes, it’s not even the first time McKay stabbed someone in the thigh, as he was fined in 2009 for stabbing. Even more bizarrely, Mudd and McKay were supposedly “best mates,” since age five. That’s not a great way to treat your friend.

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