The debates surrounding LeBron James are tiring. Each and every night it is about comparing him with the league’s best. It sometimes feels like he doesn’t feud with the rest of the league. But he does not forget much, in fact, it feels like he holds onto feuds longer than most. His feud with Knicks center Enes Kanter is one for the record books. Mostly because Kanter, while good, isn’t on the same level as James. That doesn’t mean he will take it easy on him.

Here is a refresher course for those unaware:

While Kanter isn’t playing against the Cavaliers tonight, that doesn’t mean James isn’t going to still go all out. His shoes say it all.

It doesn’t matter who you are, James is going to take you down a peg or two when he gets a chance. That is why he is one one of the best ever. The man likes to win, even when it is a petty war of words.

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