A woman in Toronto is wanted by police for stealing a rock estimated to be worth $17,500.

Toronto Police seek information in a case which saw a woman take a rock inscribed by multimedia artist Yoko Ono with the phrase “Love Yourself,” from the Gardiner Museum.

Per the Bayview News, the rock was on display as a part of an interactive exhibit where patrons could come and hold the displays. Clearly, the alleged thief took the allowance as a sign to take the rock home with her.

What’s the big deal? Well, the rock inscribed by the wife of the late John Lennon is worth approximately $17,500, so it’s a serious crime.

Twitter users were confused with the evaluation of the piece of art.

It might seem silly to value a rock signed by Yoko Ono of all people at nearly $20,000, but art is so subjective that it’s not at all surprising. What is surprising, however, is someone thought they could take it from the exhibit. Hopefully, the rock is found and returned to its rightful home – No, not the side of a river – but the museum it came from.

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