The rapper Drake is a huge Doris Burke fan – which was on full display during Wednesday’s Raptors-Celtics tilt in ‘The Six.’

The Canadian rapper hasn’t been shy about his affection for the ESPN analyst, leading to some great moments last year. Well, it appears the two got a little closer, as Drake gave her a kiss on the cheek at the game.

He also took to Insta to shout out his love for the legendary broadcaster.

Drake has gone on the record talking up Doris – like he did in 2016.

“You know, I’m just a big Doris Burke fan, and I just thought tonight would be the night to let her know how much she’s appreciated over here at OVO. 

 To be fair, it’s not a one-sided affair. Burke tweeted this last year after Drake requested a date.

Tonight, she didn’t exactly deny disliking his attention.

“I’m appreciative of that Mike.

… he made my life a hell of a lot more fun for a couple of weeks last year.”

It’s hard not to ship these two, as unlikely as a partnership might appear to be. Let’s just sit back and enjoy Drake’s admiration for Burke. I sure wish someone stared at me the way Drake looks at Burke.

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