Last week, two different Georgia high school baseball teams faced off against one another. Confrontation always seems to happen during early games as teams begin to feel one another out. That is especially the case in professional leagues but it looks like it is happening in lower-level baseball as well.

Wheeler High School and East Coweta High School, a team outside Marietta and a team outside Atlanta faced one another on the diamond. The batter is from East Coweta and the pitcher is from Wheeler.

What happens next is one of the biggest examples of patience I’ve seen in sports.

Brayden Carey, the batter somehow stays in there and doesn’t lose his mind on the pitcher. If this was the MLB, these two would have thrown down and suspensions would have been handed out already. In this case, Carey just does his thing and moves on.

Carey needs to be nominated for sainthood and canonized shortly. Patron saint of sports and patience. He already completed a miracle by not killing that guy and it was all caught on tape. Carey is truly a role model for us all.

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