With a new NFL season on the horizon and football activities nearing, coaches across the league gathered to take a photo together, an annual tradition.

This season, I’ve decided to rank five notable looks. While most coaches went for the standard button-up, some decided to try something different. Here’s the five best (worst?).

5. Matt Patricia – Detroit Lions

Matt is a big man and while I like his choice of shirt and his flex pose, I got to ask what the hell are those pants? My man, you’re getting paid millions of dollars to coach an NFL team – the least you can do is get a pair of slim fitted pants. Also, your side profile here is something else.

4. Dan Quinn – Atlanta Falcons

Dan Quinn seems like a real fun guy. Jeans and a black shirt? He really wants to be there, 100%. Mr. Grumpy pants should have taken a page out of Bill Belichick’s playbook and not showed up. You wouldn’t even realize he was there without his big bald head.

3. Doug Pederson – Philadelphia Eagles

I don’t care about Peterson’s outfit, but my lord, he’s got two tickets to the gun show. Those arms look massive. It might tight arm holes on his shirt, but Pederson looks fresh after his Super Bowl win.

2. Jon Gruden – Oakland Raiders

Gruden is clearly the shortest guy standing in the back row, but it’s such an alpha move for him to be like “screw it, I’m standing here too.” He makes the most money, so why not?

PS: That haircut is tremendous…ly awful

1. Andy Reid – Kansas City Chiefs

There was no other choice.

Andy Reid is the champion for obvious reasons. The man refuses to wear anything but a Hawaiin shirt making him stand out like a 10+ yard pass from his offense.

You got to love his commitment. With his significant weight loss, Andy looks great and isn’t afraid to show it. I mean, look AT THOSE SHORTS.

Shine on, Andy.

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