Ben Simmons is one of the best young players in the NBA. He’s also socially conscious. The latter was on full display on Sunday night, where the forward wore a “March For Our Lives” shirt while sitting on the Philadelphia 76ers bench.

For those unfamiliar, March For Our Lives was a United States-wide protest this weekend in support of gun control. As Simmons mentioned after the game, he’s seen gun reform in Australia and the impact its made.

“For me growing up in Australia, I think there was a gun ban way back in the day where they bought back all the guns,” Simmons said. “And there hasn’t been a major shootings or anything like that—no one carries around guns. To me I think that’s very important. Just where I come from, you want kids to feel safe going to school and the parents [too].” [H/T Complex]

It’s great to see Simmons take a stand and express his support for the movement on the big stage. He’s got a huge voice among young people and using it shows respect for the nation-wide protest is awesome. It’s hard not to commend Simmons for expressing his beliefs with the simple message of support.


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