Miami may need to be referred to as the Las Vegas as the south. The amount of odd videos that come out of the city are out of this world. In the case of Miami though, not everything stays there. Just ask Rob Gronkowski and Shaquille O’Neal.

This video has begun to go viral and from what we can tell from it, it just appears that the two are having the time of their life up on stage. Gronkowski jumps on Shaq’s shoulders and they begin to dance.

This is a very short video but everything about it is weird. Gronk humping Shaq’s head? Weird. Gronk even going onto Shaq’s shoulders. Also weird.

You have to be happy for the two guys having the time of their lives. At some point, Gronk is going to need to slow down, it appears this offseason won’t be the start of it.

God bless Shaq and Gronk.

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