Want to score a date with a professional NHL goalie? Just ask on Twitter.

That’s exactly what Taylor Acorn (aka @tayloracorn) did on Thursday morning, asking New Jersey Devils’ goaltender Keith Kinkaid how many retweets she would need to go on a date with him.

Kinkaid didn’t hesitate in responding, replying just 13 minutes later saying he didn’t need a retweet number to take Acorn on a date, and proposed a date at Chipotle next Wednesday.

Acorn accepted Kinkaid’s offer.

It’s that easy, folks.

The two even met before!


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Of course, it doesn’t hurt Acorn is an attractive individual, who’s quite the talented singer. Honestly, Kinkaid would be a fool to decline, hence, why he probably didn’t even shoot out a retweet number and took the date ASAP.

But dude, Chipotle? Have a little more class than that. Let’s hope the date goes well and this isn’t the last we’ve heard of these two together.

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