Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman has an odd pregame ritual that could end in a serious injury… for his equipment manager.

Hedman’s ritual is to play the “knife game” with assistant equipment manager Rob Kennedy. Instead of knifing his own fingers, Hedman uses his stick to go through Kennedy’s fingers. Watch and be nervous.

Here’s Hedman’s explanation per NHL.com.

“It’s something we started doing 5-6 years ago and we’ve just kept it up,” Hedman said. “I’m not really superstitious but it’s just something I like to do before the game. I’ve hit his fingers a few times and maybe his face once but Rob’s a tough guy. He can take it.”

Kennedy is a much braver man than I. One small slip up and ouch, that’s got to hurt. However, when you’re an assistant equipment manager and you’ve got the trust of your team’s captain, that’s pretty big – at least for his future job security.

Be safe, Mr. Kennedy.


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