On Monday, Kings defenseman Derek Forbort got a slice taken out of his ear. Literally.

Forbort and the Kings were playing against the Minnesota Wild when Zach Parise fell trying to contain the puck. While doing so, he inadvertently hit Forbort with his skate blade, slicing the top of his ear in half.

Safe to say, thank god that Forbort’s neck wasn’t the recipient of the blade.

As hockey players do, Forbort didn’t let cut in his ear get to him, returning to the game and finishing the night with more than 24-minutes logged.

The post-game picture is a tad gruesome.


Honestly, the cut could have been avoided if Forbort didn’t take out the ear guard in his helmet. While he might be more comfortable without it, the potential injuries (like this one) he faces with it gone don’t seem like a fair trade-off. Be smart, be safe.


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