If there is a player that needs a break from groin shots, it has to be Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams. He has suffered many of them over the years. Over and over and over again, he is just in the middle of it all for some reason.

When you’re down in the post it is rough sledding but this puts it on another level.

It ended up being okay and there was no ill will from Adams, he did play with Serge Ibaka previously after all. It is not on the same level as his beef with Draymond Green is who just seems to focus in on the nut shots.

Basketball isn’t a sport that normally requires a protective cup but in Adams’ case, he would be much better off wearing one for the next couple of years. No one wants to be known as the “nut shot” guy but Adams is beginning to get that reputation.

A big tree falls hard and in Adams’ case, he is proving the idiom to be true time and time again.

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