You might not know who Fergus Connolly was before reading this post, but you probably will after hearing how allegedly batshit insane is recent arrest was.

According to Michigan police, the University of Michigan Athletic Director was arrested for allegedly crashing his SUV (which the reports might be a university vehicle) and fighting with police. To make matters more absurd, Connolly reportedly grabbed a security guard’s throat, bit a lab technician, and shouted profanities.

There’s quite a bit to unpack there. Connolly, 40, (allegedly) was so drunk, he crashed his vehicle, bit someone, choked a guard and was combative with police? Woof. If he did drink and drive (which is dangerous, idiotic and unforgivable) and followed it up with all that, he’s got serious, serious problems.

Connolly’s been at Michigan since 2016. However, it’s almost a given if the allegations are true that he will be soon known as “former Michigan State AD.” MLive reports charges are still be drawn up and may take weeks to presented against Connolly.

Literally, as I was writing this, Connolly was fired.


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