This entire story is just as weird as it sounds. Nickelodeon is doing a reboot of their beloved Blues Clues property.

During their upfronts, the channel had John Cena present and dressed for the role. Whether or not it was serious is anyone’s guess. Cena has acted in plenty of kid’s properties and it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for him to perform in the role.

This didn’t sit well with old host of Blues Clues, Steve Burns, in fact, he spoke with TMZ and said that he is willing to wrestle him for the position. Yes, Steve from Blues Clues.

Could even imagine if this were to take place at Wrestlemania? You would immediately get multiple people tuning in to see what the heck happens. It would be a total freak-show of a match but in this case it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Naturally, Nickelodeon couldn’t pass up the opportunity to weigh in and let their opinion be known on the situation.

Nickelodeon wants everyone to get along but lets book this match already. If Vince McMahon still has got any juice he will make this match happen.


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