When the Greek soccer team PAOK had a goal at the 89th-minute disallowed by an offside, owner Ivan Savvidis decided it was appropriate to threaten a referee with a handgun.

In a very real incident, Savvidis stormed the field with a handgun during PAOK’s matchup against AEK Athens and told a referee “your career as a referee has ended.”

A warrant for Savvidis arrest was issued promptly following the game. In response, the match was promptly ended and the Greek League has suspended play until the incident is resolved.

Jesus Christ. I get sports – and soccer in particular – can get heated, but bringing a weapon onto the field and waving it around because you’re upset is absolutely ludicrous. Hopefully, this jerk spends some time in prison and loses his ownership interest. There’s no place for this kind of idiocy ANYWHERE, let alone a pro sports team.

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