You may know him as the The Mountain but Icelandic actor and athlete Hafthor Bjornsson is more than a nickname. He is also a record breaker.

At the Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio, Bjornsson broke a world record. It was exactly what you thought it was for, it was for lifting an insane amount of weight. He deadlifted 1041 pounds. As someone who can barely lift the bar, this is insanely impressive.

The Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio is one of the oddest events in perhaps all of the United States. For a weekend, everyone heads to Ohio and they all compete in feats of strength. Rogue Fitness, that you see prominently in the video is also based out of Columbus.

The Classic has been there since 1989 and it continues to draw thousands and thousands. If people like Bjornsson continue to make break records like this, the event will live on for years and years.

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