Of all of the major sports leagues in North America, the NHL is most certainly the most unpredictable. This is epitomized by the Vegas Golden Knights standing among the top three places in the overall standings for much of the season, despite this being their first season. It can also be shown by the fact that the Tampa Bay Lightning have easily been considered the best team in the league all season, but aren’t run away favorites to win the Stanley Cup.

Hockey is an unpredictable sport that requires a player’s all, both mentally and physically. Due to the huge number of games played over such a short spell in the NHL, results become even more volatile. With the season now moving towards the final stages, you need to be prepared to make the most of the incredible games and performances to come, at home or on the go.

Perhaps Tampa Bay shouldn’t be favorites

Source: NHL News Updates, via Twitter

At the NHL trade deadline, the Tampa Bay Lightning solidified themselves as the favorites to win the Stanley Cup in the eyes of many. The Bolts managed to trade in J.T. Miller and Ryan McDonagh to add their already stacked lines.

This view has been held by the bookies since the Lightning proved themselves to be a force in all facets of the game early in the season. They’ve sat as the favorites to win the Eastern Conference finals and the Stanley Cup for most of the season in the eyes of the bookies.

They’ll likely win the Presidents’ Trophy for finishing first overall at the end of the regular season. But, since the Presidents’ Trophy was first introduced in 1985/86, only eight of 31 Presidents’ Trophy-winning teams have gone on to win the cup. So, if you can find a better playoff team sitting in wait, they may, in fact, have a better shot at winning the cup than the odds suggest.

Betting apps for easy on-the-go gambling

To make the most of the unpredictability of the NHL in the running to the playoffs and in the postseason, you’ll want to be able to back your favored team on the go. Finding out how to download and install the bet365 android app is key to doing this. Even if you still fancy the Bolts, they’re not run away favorites to win the cup in the app’s odds thanks to the unpredictability of the sport, so they’re still at above evens odds.

With players like Steven Stamkos, Victor Hedman, Andrei Vasilevskiy, Nikita Kucherov, and Tyler Johnson on the ice, there’s no wonder why people are backing the Bolts to go all the way. However, the best regular season team isn’t always the best playoff team. The likes of the Nashville Predators, Pittsburgh Penguins, and even the Vegas Golden Knights can’t be counted out yet, despite their long odds.

Catch all of the action

Source: The Hockey News, via Twitter

To catch all of the NHL action as the regular season comes to a close and during the playoffs, you’ll need the app that brings you almost every single game live on your device. The NHL app is where you can catch all of the action. Best of all, since there aren’t many games left in the season, there will probably be a sale of the subscription.

Despite there not being many games left, this is the most important time of the year for all playoff hopefuls, which produces the best hockey. Of course, the greatest displays in this sport come in the playoffs, so you’ll want to be able to catch all of the action.

If you can’t view games live, that’s not a problem either. The NHL app has a special setting which allows you to hide scores so that you can avoid spoilers before you get to watch the highlights. Better still; the NHL app lets you view every game’s highlights not too long after the live showing has concluded.

To be enveloped in the best time of the year as a hockey fan, you’ll want to make sure that you can quickly and easily access these two apps via your mobile device. NHL action has never been easier to make the most of wherever you are.