Rasmus Ristolainen might need to check the Sabres-Leafs schedule one more time.

In last night’s Buffalo Sabres 5-3 with over the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ristolainen and Leafs forward Nazem Kadri had a funny exchange caught on cameras. In the penalty box, the Sabres defenseman points out the Sabres play the Leafs four more times this season. Kadri quickly and hilariously corrects Ristolainen saying they play just three more times. It instantly shuts up Ristolainen.

Kadri didn’t seem to remember the interaction, but we’re inclined to believe the transcription was correct.

Ristolainen appeared to have some fun with the remarks, calling the video “funny.”

Unquestionably, the next Sabres-Leafs matchup is going to be testy. If Ristolainen wants to go at Kadri again, perhaps, he might want to check the schedule before he tries to taunt him with future games. Moreso, he might want to check the standings. The Sabres stink. The Leafs don’t. One win doesn’t move the needle in the standings whatsoever.

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