Marshawn Lynch visited a Senor’s Living Community and in true Lynchian fashion, he had an absolute blast.

Partnering with Skittles, Lynch drove a golf cart (fittingly) to a Senior’s home to talk to the community and promote Skittles.

There’s plenty of brand-promotion throughout, but even despite it being an ad, Lynch’s visit is quite funny. For example, he joins a walking group and gleefully tells the group of women he’s with “Y’all said you were over 55, but y’all acting like you 15.” He’s a true charmer.

Perhaps the best part of the video is when Lynch plays pickleball for the first time and gets trash talked by an old lady, who says she’s “just better than you.” As a competitor, you can tell he’s trying his best, but the lady crushes him at the sport.

Marshawn Lynch is the best. Marshawn Lynch chilling at a Senior’s Home is perfect. The more he interacts with people, the more his personality shines. It’s hard not to smile.

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