Getting a tattoo is a somewhat bold venture. Going in blind and trusting an artist to capture the image you hoping for can be a crap-shoot. In the case of this Washington Redskins’ fan, oh boy, did his tattoo not match the intended look.

Look at this monstrosity.

It’s bad enough that someone thought to get the Redskins logo as a tattoo was appropriate to get to begin with (we don’t need to get into why the logo is messed up), so I don’t feel that bad for the guy. However, offensive material aside, this looks NOTHING like the Redskins logo. It looks like a cheap, knockoff that was done poorly. And, judging by the poor lines, scabbing and ugliness of the thing, there’s no way that’s going to look better when it heals.

Does it look like this?

It’s a bad idea turned bad tattoo. Enjoy explaining that one, buddy.

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