Atlanta Braves prospect Ronald Acuna is making a name for himself for all of the right reasons. He is considered to be one of the best players in all of the MLB. There may be one issue though.

He may be asked to act a little differently from how he has been wearing his uniform during spring training.


The Braves want Acuna to wear his hat straight and maintain a professional appearance while in uniform. But they do not want to change much about the fun-loving, flamboyant approach that has made him one of the game’s most exciting young players.

“The main thing he needs to remember is keep your head straight and respect [your surroundings],” (Andruw) Jones said. “Be humble, but a humble-cocky.”

Acuna has already outgrown Triple-A and is knocking on the door to the major leagues. It doesn’t get much better than him. So why would the Braves put anything out there like this? It makes them seem simple and petty.

Let the players act how they want to act and from there watch the game grow exponentially. It is a simple formula. Don’t try to restrain a personality like Acuna.

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