Matt Barnes may not be around in the NBA; it doesn’t mean that he isn’t making headlines. He is still active on social media, and it means that we get an insight into his life.

He wished his ex a happy birthday on Instagram and everything that followed it didn’t make much sense. Then again the relationship between Barnes and his ex, Gloria Govan hasn’t been great. Below in his Instagram post, Barnes post looks heartfelt, but his response from Govan was anything but that.

Here is what Govan had to say in the comments:

“Thank you, I think? And yes One can only continue to pray that you take your own advice and learn to peacefully co parent! But until then I’ll see you in court next week because you love a frivolous lawsuit. But hey let’s keep co-parenting.”


Naturally, Barnes wasn’t going to let her get the last word, so he put her on blast right back in the comments.

Here are Barnes’ comments:

“Well… stealing money my social security # & forging my signature to buy your parents night club & house is pretty serious. But hey…I tried! See you in court! Oh & happy bday.”

It wasn’t the only post that Barnes had that day. He posted another one trying to clear the air for anyone that was following along with the drama.

‼ Back on my Pac shit! #PowerToThePeople on the way ✊?

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This social media dust-up isn’t anything new for these two but to openly talk about their court appointments is definitely untraditional.

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