Zion Williamson was a heavily recruited player that in short order was able to make a name for himself. He mostly did it through hyper-athletic plays that put him above the competition. Playing in South Carolina, there are times that the differences in competition are unbelievably stark.

The Duke basketball commit showed it recently when his team Spartanburg Day took on Kings Academy. This poor Kings Academy player didn’t know what hit him.

Williamson ended that man’s life. He can no longer play basketball after that domination. Luckily for South Carolina high school basketball players, Williamson will no longer be playing after this year. The playing field will finally be level.

For those wondering, Spartanburg Day would go on to win the game and would head to the state semi-finals. Williamson isn’t from this world, and it will be an absolute joy to watch him play in the NCAA.

[Ball Is Life]

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